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Discover the possibilities that EMERGe
when what each of us brings to the world is HEARD.

Through the tools of Adaptive Communication,
Journeous is passionate about developing your ability to:

  • EMPOWER YOURSELF: with the knowledge of your own communication style and how it impacts others.
  • MOTIVATE OTHERS: by quickly recognizing their communication preferences and knowing how to “charge their batteries” in the moment.
  • ENGAGE PEOPLE: by making small adjustments to your behavior that will ensure your intended message is received.
  • REDUCE MISCOMMUNICATION: by listening for signs of distress and having tools to quickly resolve conflict.
  • MEET GOALS: when people are motivated, engaged and communication is clear, goals can be achieved efficiently - saving both time and money.

"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

- George Bernard Shaw


Adaptive Communication tools unlock possibilities by engaging and motivating individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to make a meaningful impact.

Adaptive Communication

is a science-based explanation of what drives our behavior.

  • Adaptive Communication (AC) is based on an internationally acclaimed, comprehensive behavioral communication system knows as the Process Communication Model PCM®
  • PCM® was developed by award winning psychologist and behavior expert, Dr. Taibi Kahler, who began gathering data as an undergraduate student at Purdue University in the late 1960s. PCM® is now supported by over 50 years of scientific research confirming it is: Valid, Predictive and Reliable, and Actionable.
  • While PCM® was initially developed for use in clinical settings, it has been effectively applied by more than a million people on five continents and in a range of industries and sectors (sale,s business, education, medicine, recruitment, politics, religion, parenting, and personal relationships).
  • Since the concepts are based in science, they are universal and "culture agnostic", making them effective regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or educational background.


is proven to impact team performance.

MITs Human Dynamics Lab found:
"Patterns of communication are as significant as all the other factors -- individual, intelligence, personality, skill and the substance of discussions - combined."


Communication allows us to make the most of who we are individually and collectively with those around us.

  • Creating positive personal connections with clients, colleagues and leaders
  • Preventing poor decision-making that results from miscommunication
  • Internal ideas to increase productivity, results and impact are freely shared.
  • Engaged employees who feel valued and heard, result in decreased turnover
  • Improved retention results in lower recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and training costs.

Adaptive Communication is grounded in the Process Communication Model® a language
and behavior-based model and powerful tool to help understand and motivate others.

Increase engagement and motivation,
and reduce turnover in your organization?

Learn to collaborate for greater impact
and communication so your message is heard?

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"Communication makes the world go round. It facilitates human connections, and allows us to learn, grow, and progress. It's not just about speaking or reading, but understanding what is being said -- and in some cases
what is not being said. Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess."

- Richard Branson

Adaptive communication has fundamentally improved the dynamics within and amongst our leadership team in our district. Meetings go more smoothly, feedback is given and received much more willingly, and our overall organizational structure is all the better for the training received. It has given us a new injection of fresh momentum that, half a year out from the original training, appears to be sustaining for the long haul. I highly recommend this training for any organization looking to get better at what they do!

--- Matt Olson
Superintendent, Benzie County Central Schools

For the first time I’m getting people actually thanking me for feedback on their growth. After years of giving feedback, it’s now hitting the mark in a whole new way.

--- Amiee Erfourth
Betsie Valley Elementary School

Journeous provided a stellar communication training that was well-received by a diverse group of employees. We had everyone in the room from our Leadership Team to our Sales staff to our Technicians and this training resonated with everyone. Our employees do not generally sit still for long periods of time and this training provided a decent mixture of theory and hands-on, get-out-of-your-seat activities to practice the learning. We hear reference to the condo and communication channels often throughout our workday, even weeks following the initial training. We recommend Journeous to any business.

--- Michael Esposito
President, Irish Boat Shop

This is a great workshop for teams, especially groups of colleagues who deal with a lot of external stakeholders.

--- Joel Pearson
Student Affairs Professional
Chapman University

This is an eye-opening workshop that should be required in order to try and reach your full potential not only as a professional but as a human being.

---Eva Spyredes
Cornell University

This is a great tool to implement across any industry and role. Any age, organization, or team can immediately implement to improve their team.

--- Kendra Feldhusen
MIExcel Statewide Field Team

Wonderful workshop with key takeaways
that I plan to use right away!

--- Chris Lowe
Assistant Dean Graduate Programs
Argyros School of Business & Economics
Chapman University

If you want to find out where your interests will take you and build a plan I would contact Journeous.

--- Lynn W, Student

“Here’s what I’d tell other college leaders. Ask yourself, what are some of the 1 or 2 things that you just can’t get to but you know you would have more success if you could? I really think Journeous fills that spot.”

--- Stacey Moynahan
Assistant Dean Argyros School of Business
Chapman University

Adaptive Communications is a tool to effectively collaborate with others on one's leadership journey. It's a resource which enables a leader to not only know him/herself, but others in a way that allows the leader to cut through the barriers and get to the essence of what needs to be discussed and done. It also helps everyone to build and enhance working (and personal relationships) in a healthy way.

--- Dr. Cathy Meyer-Looze
High Impact Facilitator
Traverse Bay Intermediate School District

I was able to use Adaptive Communication training through Journeous immediately both personally and professionally. Launching a new business is difficult enough but with the help of Adaptive Communication skills I was able to reach my clients in a new way. I can't recommend this specific communication training enough, it is well worth the investment.

--- Molly Baker
Founder of TOPONexus

Adaptive Communication teaches you how to be more persuasive, not through manipulation but through better communication

--- Derik Mott-Bragg
Irish Boat Store Manager

I really like how Journeous got me to realizing, I really can do something that I love….I guess I can put that hobby into work ...I ended up finding out things about myself that I didn’t realize.

--- Miko Gomez, Student

This is a great place to start really thinking of who you are, what is important to you, and make good choices of what actions are needed to take.

--- Mariano Preciado, Student

Journeous helps you understand yourself better. Once you discover what is important to you, you have a clearer picture of what you need and where you want to go.

--- Larissa Campos, Student


It's time to take your
communication to the next level.