What makes Journeous different?

Journeous exists to helps young adults unleash a force that most don’t even know they possess. In doing so, they can explore fulflling and motivating careers that align with their Values, Interests and Strengths, while opening their minds to new career possibilities that aren’t necessarily obvious. This self-discovery has the power to transform their work experience and create new choices.

The Journeous path starts with VISION

Empowering young adults to control their destinies – the ultimate gift.

Through the use of our trademark VISIONTM Framework, we guide young adults through discovery of their Values, Interests and Strengths that they Integrate, Orient around and use to optimize their Networks. This Framework is the backbone of the Journeous experience.

The Journeous Experience

Integrated Assessment with One-on-One Coaching
This online experience is at the core of Journeous

You'll identify your Values, Interests and Strengths through validated exercises

You'll meet with a highly trained coach who specializes in career development

The Journeous Seminars Complement Your Experience

  • Augment your ability to implement what you've learned from your integrated assessment and coaching session
  • Arm you with the tools to align your career with who you are and what will make you happy
  • Guide you with actionable steps to achieve goals that ultimately attain a fulfilling career

The Journeous seminar offerings include:

Insights Seminar

Alignment Seminar

Vision Seminar

Navigation Seminar

Storytelling Seminar