Spread too thin?

Make the kind of difference you really want to see.

Connecting students with A job is a start. Connecting them with THEIR job is what they really want.

You’re here to change lives and launch your students into successful careers - and you want to do more for them than there are hours in the day. That’s where Journeous comes in. We help you offer students the personal insights they need while still managing everything else on your plate. 

Help students build employer-ready skills - without leaving campus.

When it comes to helping students gain the skills employers are looking for, go beyond what they are and show them how to gain them.

Career Services: The Game Changer 

You’d like to be able to serve more students,
but the extra volume would mean changes to the current services model.

Your role is of increasing importance
because the #1 reason students say they go to college is to get a “better job.”

Your student body is changing
to include more diverse students, so an array of educational offerings are needed.

Your role is increasingly challenging
because rapidly changing technologies mean preparing students for jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

Journeous helps you scale a personalized approach 

Each student makes sense of how HER unique values, interests and strengths can relate to jobs and careers - and her own next steps.

Before and After Journeous: Student Reported Preparedness for Job or Career Decisions

Our Solutions

Using a combination of introspective exercises, virtual 1:1 coaching and group workshops, we partner with colleges and organizations to help young adults uncover and integrate their core Values, Interests and Strengths. 

We help students create a "career prototyping" plan that allows them to make intentional career decisions aligned with their unique personalities. These insights help students dig in and find answers to complex questions like:

  • What are my personal values and how might they relate to a career?
  • What experiences make me happy?
  • What jobs can embody those experiences?

We then guide students with actionable steps towards attaining goals and milestones that ultimately help them not only plot a trajectory to a fulfilling career, but also achieve it.

Help your students' careers take flight

Our signature offering, the Career Passport, augments and amplifies the work that Career Services does.

Classroom Curriculum 

Making Your Journey Yours

Navigating Your Career Journey

Your Journey In Action

Group Workshops

Insights Workshop

Vision Workshop

Navigation Workshop

Storytelling Workshop

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