Meet our Founder

Pam Baker 
Chief Executive Officer

Pam Baker is the founder and CEO of Journeous. Journeous is creating a community of strong, dedicated and compassionate educators, leaders, students and teams who gain the skills to connect who they are to the work they do and to those they do it with.

She founded Journeous after a 20-year healthcare career spent building, leading and mentoring teams. She saw the impact when leaders tapped into what motivated and inspired each person on the team, and as a mom of two daughters, her goal is to make this the norm. To allow people and organizations to thrive by making the most of what each of us brings to the world, with the skills and desire to motivate themselves and each other, and achieve more than seems possible.

Prior to Journeous, she was a Principal with Charles River Associates, a Life Sciences consulting firm, after her role as VP of Commercial Operations at Omada Health, and brings deep leadership experience across multiple functional areas. Her career started at Johnson & Johnson and Genentech leading cross-functional launch, sales, marketing, reimbursement and consulting teams, in addition to creating the needed infrastructure for organizational success.

Pam holds an MBA from Thunderbird and a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies from Northwestern University.

Cindy Hunt 
Chief Communications Officer

Throughout her career, Cindy has observed firsthand that creating long lasting community requires people and partnership, and she's driven to develop relationships with all of those she meets. She's naturally curious to lead, motivate, and resolve conflict so those around her become strong, dedicated and compassionate leaders.

Cindy has spent her career partnering to facilitate change beginning with the Peace Corps, in public and private education, by facilitating corporate leadership training, and through community volunteering and coaching. Cindy has taught both domestically and internationally, is an educational consultant and state-wide education facilitator, along with deep expertise in adaptive communications. She's trained groups small and large of school and business leaders and students themselves on the art of adaptive communication. 

As a mom of three college-aged young adults, she's seen the impact of adaptive communication not only at work but also at home and that understanding how to motivate and lead is individual and personal. Throughout, her motivation is rooted in creating strong and empowered work and educational communities. 

Meet Our Coaches

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