Divergence on the benefit of a college degree

Have you seen firsthand the powerful impact of women leaders? At Journeous we’re two driven women raising daughters and are committed to raising self-sufficient and confident young women. But when we look at our own amazingly capable female entrepreneurial colleagues, the data is both depressing and encouraging. While women-led ventures got only 2% of all venture capital dollars last year (compared to male-led ventures’ 79%), their performance is impressive (more below on a few of these ventures we think you’d like to know about).We’ve seen this same disconnect between the data and real world sentiment when it comes to the value of a college degree. Studies prove, time and time again, that a college degree has tangible economic value. The New York Times reports a college degree has an ROI of ~15% per year. In other words, a college graduate can expect to earn an additional $1M in their lifetime.  

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Only 49% of Americans believe a four-year degree will lead to a good job and higher lifetime earnings and only 21% of college grads strongly agree their education is relevant to their career. At Journeous, we use a Career Prototyping framework to help students and young adults apply insights regarding their personal Values, Interests and Strengths together with classroom learnings to decisions about jobs and careers – providing an invaluable bridge from college to career. To learn more about Career Prototyping or Journeous, drop us a line.

Perhaps you’re focused on supporting great women make the most of their talents? Here are some other organizations you might want to know who are also doing so:

  • Excited by the power of the MeToo movement and trying to figure out other ways to get connected to and supporting women leaders to elevate the impact of our collective voices? Then you’ll want to get involved, connect with and learn from How Women Lead.
  • Do you know a rockstar woman thinking about returning to work and wanting to update their technology skills – with connections to the companies looking for them? Take a look at Reboot Accel, their upskilling workshops and inspiration from more than 1,000 alumni.   
  • Would you love to be able to help that healthcare rockstar you know who’s aspiring to the C-Suite? Connect her with CSweetener to get access to an impressive mentor who’s been there, based on their mission to propel female healthcare leaders forward.

Here’s hoping you’re making the most of your journey and helping those around you make the most of theirs.

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