EP: 5 – Impact and Influence: Transform Your Presence with Katherine Johnson

“Self-awareness helps you connect 
with others on a deeper level.”
- Katherine Johnson (16:49-16:53)

It's always rewarding to build connections and help people navigate their life with a greater sense of who they are. It’s great knowing how to transmit that through nonverbal communication. In this week's episode, Pam Baker and Cindy Hunt, together with their special guest Katherine Johnson, talk about transforming your presence with impact and influence.

Part One of ‘Impact and Influence: Transform Your Presence with Katherine Johnson’

Katherine Johnson is an executive presence consultant. Her work focuses on supporting individuals and teams in terms of adding tools in their toolbox.

“Your image speaks before you ever say a word.” 
- Pam Baker (02:34-02:52)

When someone has a tremendous executive presence or great charisma, you probably feel what it's like to be in their presence. But how do you exude the same aura? It is crucial to understand how to show up in a way where everything about your presence is aligned and congruent. It impacts the way you carry yourself. It improves how you convey your power and how comfortable you feel connecting with others.

You could be a professional moving into the next level of leadership or a candidate running for office who's in a highly visible role. Things like this make you think about how to show up and use your appearance to have the most impact and influence. There's a lot of discomfort around appearance or image. It can feel superficial. Some people want to be known for certain things like substance or their contribution to the world.

It's not about creating an image. It's actually about learning how to create that synchronicity and knowing what alignment looks like. It's best to start with who you are and then eliminating any static or masks or confusion that makes it harder for people to connect with you to see here in value what you bring to the table.

You must be able to identify what's getting in the way of you connecting with other people truly. Sometimes it's the stress or pressure inside of you that you need to be someone who're not supposed to be. You're not changing the core of who you are and the strengths that you bring. It's about aligning those so that everybody else can connect to you.

Part Two of ‘Impact and Influence: Transform Your Presence with Katherine Johnson’

In terms of understanding adaptive behaviors or adaptive communication styles, some people think they need to show up in a certain way based on their personality. But you need to have an awareness of how your personality impacts other people and realize that not everyone is operating from the same belief or same structure of a character.

“Elevating your presence means being confident that 
you’re projecting the best version of yourself.”
- Katherine Johnson (07:18-07:28)

Transforming your presence is mostly about figuring out your lane and staying in it — that consistency, that authenticity, and what that means to you. People will always believe in actions. As much as you're committed to your words, you need to make sure that you understand what alignment means. Because that amplifies your message. Lastly, interactions filled with stress can cause you to put your mask on, and that prevents a particular message from getting across as intended.

Learn More About Katherine Johnson ...
Katherine Johnson is an executive presence consultant who works across North America teaching speakers, public figures, and next-level leaders on how to develop an aligned presence that builds trust, credibility, and influence.

She holds a B.A. degree from Princeton University and a master’s degree from Lewis & Clark College. Motivated to be a force for positive change in the world, Katherine integrates her background as a ten-time national squash champion, professional athlete and US Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year with a research-based approach to performance, presence and personal power.   Always focused on the power of connection and authenticity, she helps people bring their A-game into all areas of their life.

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​​​Today's workplace has diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and skills which can catapult creative problem-solving. This may result in communication challenges and conflicts that derail a company's fast-paced progress.

Adaptive communication enables people to understand one another and quickly resolve conflict—regardless of background, demographics, age, or educational level. Employees gain the tools to lead innovation, generate support for ideas, and reduce communication breakdowns.

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