EP: 8 – Lead with Confidence and Inclusiveness. What the Gates Foundation Is Doing to Make This a Reality!

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“Collaboration help increase creativity 
and out-of-the-box thinking.”
Pam Baker (00:51-01:06)

Journeous is focused on inclusive growth. We fundamentally believe that each of us should have the opportunity to bring the best of who we are to our work. We aim to highlight other leaders and organizations that have similar goals around inclusive growth and inclusive leadership.

Through our work with adaptive communication, which allows teams can collaborate easily and efficiently, they motivate themselves and each other to bring the best of who they are to the work they do. In this week's episode, Pam Baker and Cindy Hunt welcome Dr. Robin Martin as their special guest as they discuss leading with confidence and inclusiveness.

Part One of ‘Lead with Confidence and Inclusiveness.
What the Gates Foundation Is Doing to Make This
a Reality!’

Dr. Robin Martin is the Deputy Director of Strategy, Planning, and Management for the Postsecondary Success team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She brings more than 20 years of higher education experience and a doctoral degree in Urban Education Leadership to her role. She focuses on operational excellence, development, and execution of key elements of the team's work—including focusing on integrating equity as an essential part of success.

Before joining the Foundation, Dr. Martin served as an associate provost for diversity and inclusion. She spearheading hiring initiatives and programs focused on building sustainable, equitable practices at an R1 university. She taught and conducted her research as a tenure-track faculty member.

Significantly, she made national news for her focus on equity in hiring and culture-building as a collegiate athletic director and coach. In all of her efforts, Dr. Martin illuminates a path for academics and professionals to build true equity in and around institutions where it is both seriously lacking and essential.

“There's a secret sauce to figure out what motivates people.” 
- Cindy Hunt (19:03-19:05)

Each person in this world has a part to play. The person beside you has a talent that you don't have. You need to blend those talents to be successful. So, it's vital to understand the team concept and to understand your role both as an individual. How you contribute helps you understand how those different parts fit together. It's about making proper connections to create meaningful relationships.

It's important to foster a community where folks can understand different perspectives, how to get motivated, and how they can bring their best to every conversation. When everybody knows how to not only be their best but also support each other, care about each other, and understand some of those differences, it's a whole different set of interactions.


Part Two of ‘Lead with Confidence and Inclusiveness. What the Gates Foundation Is Doing to Make This
a Reality!’

Some people think leadership is a hierarchal state of being in the place of power. It's really about the specific amount of skills and talents that you bring to the table. Higher education leaders nowadays are more focused on how you get students to be successful in communication. Consider reflecting on how you can best leverage your talent for the benefit of the whole team? Because their success is also your success.

“Know your purpose and how you can 
contribute to a larger society.”
- Dr. Robin Martin (27:24-27:27)

Realize that not everyone needs the same type of response to the same kind of approach. Not everyone is going to ascribe to all the things that you say. What type of energy are you bringing as a culture every single day? What does each player need from you to be successful in their own individual lives?

How do you support them both on and off the field? Inclusive leadership starts with the person. What are you bringing to the table? Your energy, your mindset, your contributions, and how are you showing up individually?

Evaluate yourself. How are you showing up daily?

Make progress and continuous improvement. We all see the world a little bit different.
Be reflective about living in the moment to know how your action is affecting others.

How to Get Involved:

You may contact Robin Martin through email Robin.Martin@gatesfoundation.org.
Or follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Today's workplace is filled with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and skills. This can catapult creative problem solving but result in communication challenges and conflict that derail a company's fast-paced progress.

Adaptive communication enables people to understand one another and quickly resolve conflict—regardless of background, demographics, age, or educational level. Employees gain the tools to lead innovation, generate support for ideas, and reduce communication breakdowns.

Want to increase your organization's productivity, increase collaboration, and communicate so your message is heard? Let's book a time to talk.

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