Find happiness and meaning
in your career.

No, really. We can help.

Our mission is to support young adults discover who they are and create career paths that fit.

Whether you're starting your career or considering a change, Journeous can help you eliminate anxiety and overwhelm over career choices.

You’re here to change lives and launch your students into successful careers. Journeous can extend your reach and help you do more for them.

Discover your you

Discover workshops and courses designed to uncover the best of you.


Your values are the very heart of who you are: the beliefs, morals and things that bring the most meaning to your life.


What lights you up? Your interests are the topics, activities and ideas that you can't help learning more about.


What are you good at? These are the skills that make you feel strong and proud when you put them to use.

Learn more about discovering your truths.

Journeous helps you expand what's possible.

Our programs are all designed around YOU: helping you explore fulfilling and motivating careers that align with your values, interests and strengths, while opening your mind to career possibilities that might not be obvious. Transform your work experience and create new choices, all while enjoying the journey.

Find your fit and discover career options you might have never considered. Our solutions include:

  • Workshops designed to help you evaluate your Values, Interests, and Strengths, tell your story, and navigate your choices designed to help you evaluate your Values, Interests, and Strengths, tell your story, and navigate your choices
  • One on one virtual coaching focused on creating a career path that fits you
  • Curriculum developed to link personal insights to learning in and out of the classroom

The Journeous Difference

feel confident

29% of college grads "strongly agree" that college prepared them for the real world.

*Source: Gallup Purdue

feel confident

85% of our clients say Journeous significantly increased their confidence in their next steps.

How are you journeous?

Journeous | jour·ne·ous | adjective
Curious and eager to discover, uncover and reflect on the journey to careers that fit.

"Engineering taught me that if someone can do it, it can be done. You just have to stare at it long enough and you'll eventually figure it out."

Dylan Gallagher
Orange Sky Adventures

Create your model career.

Curious about a new role? Need more experience? Unsure if a path is right for you? Try a prototype. Our guide will show you how to prototype your way to a career that fits you.

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