Make Your Journey YOURS

This one day workshop on August 9 empowers your high school student to make the most of their unique skills, interests and values to create the college and career journey that fit them.

Ready to turn down the pressure?

When every decision feels loaded with long-term implications for the future, it's hard to make a decision and move forward with confidence. We have the tools and framework for students to connect the dots. They'll discover what motivates them and makes them tick and gain the clarity to make college and career decisions without the overwhelm and pressure.

It's time to take a new approach. Here's why. 

  • 80% of today's students and grads want to find purpose and meaning in their work - but less than half manage to do so. We're out to change that.
  • Employees who find meaning in their work are 69% less likely to quit their jobs. You love your kids, but you probably have other plans for your couch. We can help. 
  • Having a high sense of purpose in the work we do is highly correlated with overall wellbeing. And that's good for the whole family.  

We've seen this in our own colleagues. Talented, motivated career launchers unclear on their gifts, goals and purpose. Focused on others' expectations of them, forgetting that their career journey begins with their skills, interests & values. 

Help your high schooler do it differently. With invaluable insights into what makes them tick. So they're making the most of who they are with next steps that fit them

This workshop is ideal for students who have completed their sophomore, junior or senior years. Register here today.

What They’ll Learn

An interactive day gives students insight into their personal values, interests and skills and a framework to get curious and prototype their own next steps so future decisions about college and career are grounded in what's personally meaningful.

Discovering Values

Values guide our behavior - often unintentionally until we discover what they are. Students uncover their values so future decisions about activities, internships, college and career are made with intention and insight. 

Uncovering Interests

Simply put: We're more likely to stick with things we enjoy than those we don't. We help students discover not just what lights them up but why and how these clues can help when deciding on schools, majors and jobs. 

Touching on Skills

People who use their strengths are three times more likely to have an excellent quality of life. Students begin to discern the difference between their skills overall and most importantly - those that make them feel strong.

Prototyping Decisions about College & Career

"Knowledge is power but knowledge without action is useless." - Abu Bakr. Students learn to apply the well-known technique of prototyping to upcoming decisions, discovering what fits them in the process. 

Curiosity Lab

More than 20% of the US population works in one of ten occupations. But thousands exist. What are they and what do they actually involve? Thanks to our host company, students learn what different jobs entail, link them to their values, interests and skills, and get hands-on experience tackling the challenges of different roles. 

Students walk away with a personalized prototyping plan to guide them on making their journ​ey their own.

Why Journeous?

We work with colleges and organizations to help students and young adults discover the intersection of their values, interests and strengths to create career paths that fit. Actionable next steps allow them to plot a trajectory to a fulfilling career, and actually attain it. 

Make Your Journey YOURS!

If you're ready to give your high school student insights, confidence and personalized plan to make their journey their own, please sign up below. After all, we're all better off when we make the most of what each of us brings to the world. 

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Upcoming Workshops

Please join us for one of our upcoming workshops. Pick a day and location that best works for you. If you don't see a workshop in your area, let's talk!

Make Your Journey YOURS

South San Francisco

August 9th, 2019 9AM - 3PM

Hosted by



Actelion Pharmaceuticals

5000 Shoreline Court South San Francisco


Journeous is committed to supporting all high school students who can benefit. Scholarships are available for those unable to pay. Please contact us at for more information.


This helped me so much more than what I ever would have thought, and gave me a place to start since I've been just starting to think about career options.

Journeous can offer people of all ages a way to learn more about themselves without someone telling them to do A, B and C. deep dive into their own thoughts and feelings with guided help.

Journeous can help anybody and everybody, because nobody breaks down how your values fit with your future career like they do. 

Journeous helps you understand yourself better. Once you discover what's important for you, you have a clearer picture of what you need and where you want to go.

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