Passport to Meaning (plus a FREE giveaway)

Last week I reconnected with a former colleague who I always liked working with. She could take on almost anything sent her way. But she said it was getting to be a grind – with each project she was becoming more and more miserable. She COULD do the work but she didn’t WANT to. What’s more, she has a degree in biology, but couldn’t figure out what she would be “qualified” to do with it.

She reminded me of another woman I’d met a couple of years ago who was interested in starting a new career path after five years in accounting. She went into accounting because people saw she was good at math. Five years later she had a useful insight: She hated math. But she had no idea what to do next.

Can we find work outside of jobs normally tied to our major? Sure, most of us eventually do. But finding work that lights us up, that’s motivating, that feels like a fit? Stats there are far less inspiring. Chances are you’re either underwhelmed by your job or you know someone who is.

Changing that – and helping career launchers create career paths THEY find meaningful – is why we created Journeous. And it’s why we’re giving away a FREE Career Passport (or maybe a few).

What’s a Career Passport? It’s your personalized guide to next career steps that fit YOU.

Our Career Passport is a combination of 1:1 career coaching and a personalized VISION Portrait that captures your unique values, interests and strengths and how to factor each into career decisions. You’ll also get the tools to align your decisions with work that fits you, and the ability to prototype (i.e.try out) a few experiences. All so you can learn more about – and navigate to – work that fits. And avoid what doesn’t.

We want to hear your story. Because if you’re not doing work that fits… we’d like to help. What WE find motivating is being surrounded by people who get to bring their best selves to work. Imagine the possibilities.

Interested in getting a FREE Career Passport? Here’s how.


  1. Follow @journeous on Instagram
  2. Post a photo or video with the tag #MyJourneous that answers these questions:
    1. What did you go to school for?
    1. What are you doing for a living now?
    1. What do you really want to be doing?
  3. We’ll select a random winner on 11/28/18.

And as you help us get the word out, we’ll offer more Career Passports. The more unique submissions we get, the more we’ll give away.

Don’t take it from us, here’s what clients who have gotten their passports tell us:

“It’s good to know it’s clear, it’s possible, and there are steps I can take instead of it being some big nebulous thing.”

“I’m so grateful for this – you really helped me to see things differently.”

“You asked so many questions that I’ve never ever thought about before, I definitely feel more confident about my next steps.”

We’ll announce the winner on November 28, 2018. Good luck!

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