Feedback is a gift. Now available with a gift receipt.

We’re coming upon midyear feedback time, and a colleague shared with me an interesting read on the subject, Thanks for the Feedback: The Science And Art of Receiving Feedback Well.   It’s an interesting premise that addresses the impact of neuroscience on how and what we hear when we receive feedback.  And that there’s an art… Continue reading Feedback is a gift. Now available with a gift receipt.

‘Know your place’

The familiar radio voice riffed through a range of news stories on my short ride home from the gym one morning a couple of weeks ago (in retrospect, it was blissfully free of anything related to the FBI).  I half listened as I usually do, still a bit out of breath and planning for my… Continue reading ‘Know your place’

Learning to Fail

As we were talking over our family dinner a few weeks ago, one of my daughters mentioned a new segment they were learning in math.  I stiffened a bit, knowing that this new lesson was going to require learning for all of us.  (Those of you with elementary school aged kids may relate to this… Continue reading Learning to Fail