Purposeful Career Experience Blueprint: 5 Ways to Create a Career that Fits You!

The Purposeful Career Experience Blueprint is the essential interactive workbook designed to be given to any student. Designed to aid the young adult so that they can discover purposeful and meaningful careers fitting for each unique individual without the hassle or stress students often face.

FREE Purposeful Career Experience Blueprint: Learn 5 Ways to Create a Career that Fits Each Student.


Learn the 5 different types of prototyping (and why prototyping is linked to happiness) that make career decisions less painful - and even fun - depending on what makes you you.  #4 will surprise you!


Save the headache, disappointment, and frustration with jobs that are not a great fit. Gain the exact questions and practical worksheet you need to learn how to assess if a company is a great fit or you before you say yes to a job.


Engage in our proven, powerful 3 questions method (Discover, Experience, and Reflect), and take the awkwardness out of career decisions. We also provide 5 real life examples, giving the student a blueprint for assessing career decisions. 

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