Here are some of our students' favorite guides, articles, websites and more. Here's hoping they help your students on their career journey too. 

Help Your Students Figure Out What's Next

Getting on a path that fits is a lot easier when they start by asking a few key questions - and get a few insights - before they begin. 

Is Journeous right for you?

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LinkedIn for Career Launchers with Angela Dunz

No paid experience? No problem. Angela Dunz shows career launchers how to craft a LinkedIn profile that leverages their other experiences to showcase skills for a winning first impression. 

Check out the full video here.

Try It On First? It's What Your Students Expect. Help Them Do The Same Thing - For Career Decisions.

Experiences can help test drive an experience, skill or career - without committing to a full time job.

Help them model their career. With a prototype.

Are you good at piano? How about skiing? Public speaking? It's hard to know until you try. The same is true for your students when it comes to a career: the best way for them to see if an industry, a role, a company fits is to give it a "test drive." We show them how.

Sites We Love

Check out these sites for some useful tools to help your students on their career journey:

Find non-profit jobs, volunteer roles.

Helping creative artists get paid.

Learn new skills online.

Get the inside scoop on companies.

Experts help you negotiate a better offer.

Create beautiful documents.