What Our Clients Say

Journeous | jour·ne·ous | adjective
Curious and eager to discover, uncover and reflect on the journey to careers that fit.

"I ended up finding something out about myself that I didn't really recognize. I love learning new things about myself, and I think other people should embrace what they are good at. ... These assessments are eye opening. The teachings that you've given me, I feel like that's really going to stay with me throughout this experience and I thank Journeous for that."

- Miko Gomez

"The deeper dive, being able to get more granular - we can't do that every single time with every single student. ... For me it was nice to have one place we could go, really take a deep dive and get into the weeds, and get underneath all those things that can take a lot of coaching sessions."

- Stacey Moynahan